Joe Toole

I take pictures, obviously.


   With just a few exceptions, all of the images here were shot using a Fuji camera; either an X-T2, X-T3, or one of the several iterations of the X100 line. There are, however, a few images shot with my old Nikon D700, and even a few old slide transparencies that I digitally duped with a cheap copying attachment that I bought off ebay many years ago.

   I don't have any particular fondness for a certain focal length when it comes to lenses -just whatever I think is going to be suitable for for what I'll be shooting. I currently own and use six Fuji lenses, from the 16mm 1.4 (24mm in full frame size) to 50-140mm zoom (75-210mm)

   I regularly use a couple of Godox TT600 flashes with a Godox wireless transmitter when I'm in the studio -but you wont see them in use anywhere here, unless I decide to post a portrait page.

   For post processing, I'll use any number of programs, from Capture One, to Fujifilm X RAW Studio, to Affinity Photo, or ACDSee. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and I try to choose the right program for the job at hand. I'm also quite partial to the NIK collection, which I've used for many years, and of which, I consider (still!) to be the best B&W software available. 

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