Art Gallery of Ontario submission

   A friend suggested that I post an image to the AGO website who are asking for submissions for their ‘Portraits of Resilience’ series.

   Unfortunately, the person who designed their page must have ‘instagram on the brain’, as all of the images displayed are cropped square, leaving some previews -mine included- looking like a nonsensical mess.

Portraits of Resilience

New images: Kensington Market

   Uploaded a bunch of new images under the heading ‘Kensington.’ It’s an ongoing project that I’ve been working on for a few years now. Some have previously been posted in the ‘street’ category, but I decided to create a dedicated page for Kensington Market, as I’ve always enjoyed shooting there, and have amassed a rather large collection of images.

   I’m thinking that eventually, I’ll get around to creating the same for Chinatown as well.

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