Neglected tasks

Like a lot of people these days, I’ve been doing things around the house that are usually neglected, overlooked, or postponed. Since the plague swept through, I’ve painted my apt., steam cleaned the carpets, washed all the windows, and tons of other stuff too insignificant to mention. Eventually, I really started pushing it by doing some things, not so much because they needed to be done, but because I thought they could be done better.

That’s when my attention shifted to my cast iron frying pans.

I’ve always had at least one cast iron frying pan; unless you lose it, or leave it behind, if you have one, you’re always going to have it. My mother had a bit of cast iron kitchenware, so I guess that’s where I first found out about them. There’s something a little different about them, as I immediately found out. As a kid, when it was my turn to was the dinner dishes, I learned that you don’t just dry these things off with a towel like other pots and pans, you’ve gotta heat-dry them on the top of the stove, then toss in a bit of oil, or vegetable shortening to keep them properly seasoned. 

I don’t think my mother was particularly attached to her cast iron stuff, -neither am I, I think she just thought of them as solid tools that would last, as I do.

This little guy, I found on the street years ago. It was coated in rust, and where it wasn’t rusted, it had a massive buildup of black crud. I took that as a challenge! I cleaned it off, and re-sealed it, and it works great. Here’s his centrefold glamour shot:

And here he is in action!

Oh, and the best way to seal a new cast iron pan? Here’s how I season the big guy…

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