No Commercial Potential

Riding the coattails of my last post, I’m sticking up a few pictures from a series of images I manipulated to look… fucked up, I guess. Nik software has a plugin that’s supposed to be used to make images look old. Things like fingerprint smudges, scratches, dirt, poorly developed darkroom frames, and the like, are supposed to be used to doctor an image to make it look realistically old.

However, you’re not fooling anyone if you use them in their intended manor; but why let an interesting photo manipulation process go to waste?

The way I see it, manipulating shit images, with the intent of making them even shittier, crosses the threshold, and takes us from what we consider to be mediocre photography, into the wonderful and exciting world of art!

So that’s it. I’ve metaphorically come out of the closet, so to speak, and am now an artist. This is my first Ärt Opêning!

An artist, Douglas Daytona, I used to drink wit.. hang out with years ago once explained to me the proper way to describe your ‘piece’ when dealing with patrons, or punters: “Either make up some bullshit that even you don’t understand, to fuck with their heads, or just simply tell them that you prefer to let the piece speak for itself.”

Whoa! Great! I’ll take door number two, please. The latter. 

This shit sure speaks for itself, doesn’t it? And what it’s screaming at me is “You’re a deeply disturbed, and depressing individual who is in dire need of psychiatric help!!”

Well, that may be true, but…. at least let me defend myself…

/at which point, the artist signs off to have a deeply meaningful, and sometimes even passionate discussion with his ‘work,’ not realizing that it’s actually HE who is doing the arguing for both parties involved.

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