“Oh the hypocrisy…”

First he says he doesn’t shoot in colour, then goes on to make a shit pile of posts featuring only colour images…. Then he says he hates to use a flash, and less than a week later he’s on Amazon ordering not one, but TWO flashes… Then he says he’d never want to do this as a business, and here he is doing just that…

What the fuck, Joe?!?

Well, things are happening fast here. In ways I didn’t see coming. In the middle of a pandemic.

Suddenly I’ve found myself with a shit-ton of work offers. I’ve been running around getting stuff together for this ongoing art project I’m in the midst of; I’ve got a portrait shoot on Saturday afternoon; I’ve got a wedding to shoot in a couple of weeks, and a bunch of other things in the pipe as well.

Oh, and now I’ve got my own studio.

Honestly, I didn’t even try to do any of this shit. It all just sort of fell into my lap.

Naturally, once I decide to invest a little money into my side job, it’ll all dry up, but I’m pretty sure I can get set up with a minimum of extra expense. I’ve already got the expensive stuff.

I keep hearing that quote that Harry Dean Stanton’s character, Bud, used in the movie ‘Repo Man.’ Something like, “I’m gonna get me a tow truck, a couple of Pit Bulls, and a baseball bat, and start my own repo business…”

“I’m gonna get me a backdrop, a couple of flashes and umbrellas, and start my own photography business…”

…pretty sure Harry Dean Stanton’s character, Bud, dies at the end of ‘Repo Man’ …

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