Hard Software

Lately, I’ve been testing out some different processing software, which probably means that I’ve got too much time on my hands.

Like choosing which camera to buy, getting the right program to achieve the results that you want can be fairly exhausting, and usually ends up with the user dealing with a series of compromises. O.K. I can get the image quality that I want here, but then I’ve got to take it into this other program to get the finishing touches that I like.”

The above shot was processed mostly in ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, but then I had to use Silver Efex Pro to realize the B&W finishing touches that I like. It works, but it can be fairly sluggish at times, and there’s a fair bit of pointless shit I’ve got to repeat to get what I want.

If you shoot quite regularly, like I do, it becomes a necessary evil, though. To me, it’s like travel. I like being there, I (usually)don’t mind the flight too much, but I bloody well hate airports. You can only get so loaded at the airport bar before they refuse to let you board the flight.

As far as I know, I’ve tried every pro-grade editing program out there, and what I’m using now, seems to work best for me. I won’t mention them all, but I will say, that most do a very good job. In other words, they do what they’re supposed to.

Actually, I will mention one by name: Adobe Lightroom.

Why? Because FUCK Lightroom. Seven ways till Sunday!

“Tell us how you really feel, Joe!”

I really suspect that Lightroom has managed to influence it’s way into the ‘it’s popular because everyone uses it, and everyone uses it because it’s popular’ mindset. Like what U2 did in the rock world. 

By offering student discounts, and discounts to schools and educational institutions, Adobe cleverly implemented the ‘ol ‘start ‘em young, and keep ‘em,’ philosophy. There’s a fairly steep learning curve for most of these types of software programs, and every program has a different method for doing the same thing; so switching programs requires a fair bit of work -even if you know what you want to do. Students who know their way around the Adobe universe are less apt to switch programs.

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