There it was….gone!

The engine, as well as the cars it’s dragging has long since been scrapped, the tracks were dug up a while back, hell; even the movie sucked!

Hang around long enough, and the world around you changes. Take pictures long enough, and you can catalogue it. 

Every once in a little while, I go back and check out some of my oldest shots. When I’m not cringing at how bad they are, I find muttering the word ‘gone’ a lot. Stuff gets dug up, flattened, or replaced. Especially, if you live in North America, it seems. I’ve had the good fortune to visit plenty of the great cities of Europe, and it seems to me that they really go out of their way to repair what they’ve already got. Not just the obvious iconic structures, but all of the regular housing, and business structures for regular folks. Train stations, businesses, sporting grounds… Seems to me that if we in N/A think that something is a little old, or can be done better, we level it, and replace it. And it’s almost always replaced with something that’s not designed to last a hundred years.

Here in Toronto, there’s always cranes in the sky. It’s true, this city is growing at an outrageous pace, but it’s also true that those cranes aren’t always building upon previously unused spaces. Old shit gets leveled, new shit gets raised.

Sometimes, I’ll find myself in places downtown, that I don’t even recognize at all. I used to know what certain intersections looked like, but not anymore.

I suppose that this is great, if you like to catalogue the growth of a city, but really, for me, it’s tediously repetitive. There really needs to be a middle ground here, and I’m not talking about something as grotesquely hideous as the architectural nightmare that is the ROM. And most definitely not OCAD’s Sharp Centre for  Design.

oh well… Things could be worse, I suppose. At least things aren’t as bad as the nightmare that is the crawling babies of the Zizkov tv tower in Prague.

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